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Daesang is the manufacturer of leading Korean food brands; O’Food, Jongga and Chung Jung One. With these iconic brands, we specialize in authentic and unique Korean flavours within its cuisine ranging from gochujang to kimchi.

Jongga – No.1 Kimchi Brand Since 1987

Our rigorous commitments to the art of kimchi fermentation with the most authentic ingredients made us the No.1 Kimchi brand worldwide. We are the first brand to have introduced packaged-type kimchi products to the world. Now, with an extensive range of top-quality kimchi products, we are introducing the authentic tastes and health benefits of kimchi to food lovers.

O’Food – Life Tastes Better with a Korean Twist

O’Food – Life Tastes Better with a Korean Twist

O’Food is the global brand of Korea’s leading food brand, Chung Jung One. O'Food represents the delicious duality of Korean cuisine - one that is unapologetically unique in its authentic flavours and another side that is trendy, creative and versatile in cooking possibilities. With the essence of Korean culinary philosophy - healthy ingredients connect the mind and the body of everyone - O'Food is constantly thinking outside of the box to ensure Korean flavours can be enjoyed in any lifestyle, country or culture of the world.

Chung Jung One - Unlock the Full Flavours of Korean Cooking

With iconic Korean pantry staples such as Doenjang, Chung Jung One continues to lead the 5,000 years of Korean culinary culture with the commitment to authenticity and quality in flavours. Since 1956, we have perfected the art of healthy Korean fermentation and we are continuously inspiring foodies around the world with delicious, healthy and creative ways of adding Korean twists to the dishes.