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Thanks to continued innovations in biotechnology over 60 years, Daesang has built a diverse product portfolio and is able to provide a wide variety of ingredients to different industries to be used in foods, health functional foods, etc.


Daesang starch and starch sugars, top of the line food ingredients

The starch is used in foods while the sugars are used in alcoholic beverages, drinks, breads, sweeteners, and many other industries in a variety of ways. The starch sugar business has developed and released functional ingredients which are being supplied to various industries to provide value to client companies.


Entering global markets with Daesang’s cutting - edge biotechnology

As a first Korean fermentation company, Daesang has swept the domesticmarket and gone on to export to some 80 countries worldwide under the Miwonbrand. It continues to grow by expanding its business scope with assorted aminoacids, microalgae and new functional ingredients.