Refined Maltose

The sweetness of refined maltose of Daesang is one thirds of that of sugar, and it is a new material for foods through which low sweetness can be achieved without damaging the processing properties of foods or their qualities through its powder crystallization particular that is the same as that of sugar. In addition, this product has similar physical characteristics of that of sugar and is a high-quality saccharide through which not only low sweetness effect but also quality improvement can be achieved in the foods using starch, as it has excellent starch retrogradation prevention effect as well as moisturizing effect. As a crystallization saccharide that has been produced through the hydrolysis of starch using enzyme, which is refined, concentrated and made into powder afterwar ds, it is being sold in three different kinds according to the size of particles.

General Characteristics

Retrogradation prevention effect: it is a safe saccharide containing crystallization water of a molecule, it is suitable for the foods that are highly susceptible to the outside temperature and moisture changes. Especially, its excellent starch retrogradation prevention effect allows the foods that use starch to be preserved of its flexibility for a long period of time.

: moisture shift rate per types of sugar that added starch paste in 40% sugar content condition
<The effect on starch paste moisture shift of refined maltose>

Sweetness control & viscosity/moisture activity: its sweetness of about one thirds of that of sugar, and it can lower the sweetness without changing the food properties, as its general properties such as viscosity, osmotic pressure, jelly degree of strength and moisture activity are same as that of sugar as the crystalline disaccharide with soft, good quality.

Low melting point and compressibility: degradation of tablet is not affected by the type of raw material and compress power input as it has excellent compressibility, and tablet does not crack from its moisture absorption and proofing.  In addition, it is suitable as compress purpose bulking agent for fruits preserved in honey, as it has low sweetness and melts softly at the tip of the tongue.

It is suitable for applying to foods that require the settlement to the surface of the foods using the low melting point, as its melting point of 130กษ is lower than 190กษ for sugar.

Automorphism: its automorphism is excellent in fresh cream, as it has excellent emulsion stability.

Main Purpose of Use
Low sweetness and texture improvement: marshmallow, caramel, chocolate, jam assorts, fruit wine, ice cream, canned goods, soup, etc.Preservation improvement: boiled fish paste, jam assorts, soft sweet jelly of red beans.
Degradation control: rice cake assorts, royal confectionery, dumpling skin, etc.
Automorphism improvement: candy, chewing gum, cream and icing, etc.

Packing Unit

20kg bag

Product Specifications