As one of the main constitutional ingredients of food, Daesang¡¯s dextrose is widely distributed not only in fruits but also vegetables, and it is a main constitutional unit of many high polymer carbohydrates that exist in natural foods.
As a monosaccharide obtained through the hydrolysis of starch using enzymatic conversion, dextrose has refreshing and soft sweet taste, and it is being widely used not only in foods as a natural sweetener that becomes quickly absorbed in the body upon its intake but also in areas of brewing, fermentation and pharmaceuticals.

General Characteristics

Its sweetness of 70% of that of regular sucrose, and the mixture of sucrose and dextrose results in a similar sweetness as when only sucrose is used.

Although the dissolving speed of dextrose and sucrose is similar in over 55¡É temperature, it is significantly lower in low temperatures.

As a fermentable sugar, it is an important source of carbohydrates of yeast and microorganisms.

It enhances the flavor of food when used individually or mixed with sucrose.

It has a higher osmosis characteristic than sucrose per unit weight.

It is used as an effective bulking agent in various power foods such as power beverage.

It does not change its characteristics by the acids in food, and extends the shelf-life of most foods.

Main Purpose of Use

Confectionery: soft candy, fondant (cream cake containing microcrystal sugar), manufacturing chewing gum, manufacturing fruits preserved in honey

Bakery: increasing the stability and fermentability of dough, giving sweet taste to bread, giving color to bread and increasing its scent

Canned foods: it gives a similar gloss, texture and scent of the products that only use sugar when about 20 – 25% of it is used in canned fruits or canned goods.

Carbonated beverage: it gives better flavor and savory taste compared to sugar.

Fermentation source of fruit wine: brewing wine and improving fruit juice


Packing Unit
Liquid dextrose: tank lorry
Dextrose monohydrate, anhydrous dextrose, refined dextrose: 20kg bag, 500kg big bag

Product Specifications