DaesangĄ¯s maltodextrin is a product obtained by the partial hydrolysis of starch using enzyme and spray drying the refined and concentrated solution with the hydrolysis of starch that connects the functional characteristics between starch and powder wheat-gluten. This product is a food material being widely used in the food processing field, as it not only has lower hygroscopicity compared to that of the existing powder wheat-gluten with excellent dispersibility when dissolving but also has expandability with low browning tendency and can easily be digested.

General Characteristics

It can be used for the foods of which moisture absorption is not desirable, as it has excellent dispersibility with its low hygroscopicity.
It can bring the effect of improving the texture in many foods, as it has high molecular saccharide as its main ingredient.
It has very low sweetness, and allows finding a balance between solids and sweetness when mixed with other sugar products.
It has the effect of suppressing the crystallization of sucrose or dextrose when used in foods.
It has excellent dissolvability and gives proper viscosity.
It has excellent heat-, acid-resistance with low browning reaction by heating. It allows to bring out the own flavor and scent of food, as it is tasteless and odorless. It has excellent membrane forming capability and is suitable to be used as coating agent for various foods.
It is suitable to be used in the foods for adult as well as for baby, as it has low osmotic pressure with excellent digestive absorption.
It is suitable as a stabilizing agent that suppresses air bubbles from forming in food


Main Purpose of Use
Beverage: it is used as powder bulking agent in fruit juice, soup, coffee, tea, as it has excellent dispersibility, dissolvability and drying capability.
Candies: it allows producing high-quality products with moisture feel, as it stably maintains sucrose crystallization, and controls the flavor and sweetness of candy
Snacks: it masks scent by forming a thin layer in processing, and gives better chewy texture and luster.
Dairy products: it improves the scent and texture in the mouth when used in coffee cream, and is suitable for baby food, as it has low sweetness with excellent dissolvability and digestive absorption, and controls the freezing point and suppresses crystallization when used in ice cream.
Others: it is used in bakery, frozen food, paste assorts, sauce assorts, soup mixes, artificial/natural sweetener, spice, carrier of flavor and refining binder of pharmaceuticals.

Packing Unit

20kg bag

Product Specifications