Corn syrup

DaesangĄ¯s corn syrup is made by using maltose as its main ingredient that has one thirds of the sweetness of sugar with soft, high-quality sweetness, and it is the most commonly used traditional sweetener that has been used continuously from the past at every household.  Starch syrup is made through the hydrolysis of starch using enzyme that is refined and concentrated afterwards, and a variety of products are being produced according to the level of hydrolysis and sugar constitution.

General Characteristics

The sweetness of food can be adjusted, as it is less sweet than sucrose and glucose. 

In general, the freezing point of corn syrup can be controlled through various kinds of corn syrup, as the freezing point is related to the concentration of corn syrup and average molecular weight of the dissolved sugar.

It can suppress the crystallization of sucrose or dextrose when it is also used with sucrose, dextrose.

In general, corn syrup is used to obtain body and texture.  Since the surface of corn syrup is glossy, it gives glossiness when used in products.


Main Purpose of Use
Corn syrup (DE 20-25), Powder wheat-gluten: ice cake, ice cream, coffee cream, etc. Corn syrup 75, Corn syrup 82, Corn syrup (DE 60-65): confectionery, bakery, candy, ice cake High malto, High malto 75: high-quality confectionery, bakery, candy products


Packing Unit

24kg can, tank lorry (powder wheat-gluten 20kg bag)

Product Specifications