Corn starch
Starch is natural, high polymer energy of dextrose that is produced through the carbon dioxide assimilation of plant stored in the root, stem and grain
in the shape of polymer, and DaesangĄ¯s corn starch is produced by the physical separation and purification of embryo bud, corn hull and gluten through wet-milling process of corn starch.

It displays viscosity when heated as its crystalline structure becomes destroyed.
Its paste is nontransparent and it has excellent paste forming capability.
It is used as expander, thickening agent for various purposes. 

Purpose of use
Boil fish paste products, ham, sausage: bulking/thickening agent
Noodles: flavor enhancer
Beer: fermentation raw material
Bakery & confectionery: bulking agent/flavor enhancer


Packing & Storage
22 kg bag, 400 kg bag, 500 kg bag; 2 year of expiration period