High fructose corn syrup / Crystalline fructose

Fructose is abundantly contained in fruit, fruit juice or honey, and it is a sweetener very similar especially to honey in its sugar composition or sweetness, as the sweetest ingredient among all sugar assorts in nature. It is also called isomerized glucose syrup, as it is produced through isomerization upon producing glucose from starch. It is a liquid sweetener suitable for carbonated beverages, ice cream, dairy products and beverages, as it gives out stronger sweetness flavor in low temperatures with its refreshing sense that quickly disappears in the mouth and cheaper in price compared to sugar

General Characteristics
In the level of sweetness, it has the sweetest taste among all sugar assorts of the nature and has pure and refreshing taste, and high-purity fructose has a similar sweetness as sugar, as there are differences in its contents.
It maintains the moisture and moisturizing feature of product while it is being used, as it has very strong hygroscopicity thereby preventing from dryness when stored for a long time.
It has good decaying effect prevention and preservation characteristics, as it has excellent osmosis characteristic thanks to its lower molecular weight. 
It is effective in preventing crystallizations of various types of food, as its characteristic makes crystallization more difficult than sugar.
It can be effective in coloring the products that require coloring by heat, as it is more prone to coloring by heat compared to sugar or glucose.


Main Purpose of Use
Ice cream assorts, carbonated beverage, juice assorts, canned fruits, bread assorts, biscuit assorts, jelly, liquid seasoning, etc.


Packing Unit
25kg can, tank lorry (crystalline fructose: 20, 25kg bags)

Product Specifications